NEO reaches $60, has potential HODL

December 17, 2017 /u/Raz1979 0

I don’t really post, only open up this thread by saying that so you don’t just think I’m blindly promoting it. But I just recently bought NEO and at a high price ($45-50). But given China is still on their ICO ban, and revisiting the issue in 2018, and given NEO is working with government compliance gives NEO huge potential. That’s why I purchased a bit to hold onto. I can’t stop people from selling to profit take I’m just saying you are going to prefer to hold on to it for 2018, given everything I’ve read, and watched on youtube about NEO and crypto.

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Bitcoin Gold: A Case Study on the Cryptocurrency Security Problem

December 17, 2017 OP-ED 0

Bitcoin Gold: a Case Study on the Cryptocurrency Security ProblemThis is an Op-ed article written by Arseny Reutov. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. does not endorse nor support views, opinions or conclusions drawn in this post. In late October, Bitcoin Gold forked from Bitcoin as a new cryptocurrency, and immediately became the victim of a Distributed Denial of […]

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Will you be alone on Christmas this year, or not receiving any gifts? Let me try to change that! (a little long)

December 17, 2017 /u/potatoparadise 0

Hi Reddit –

Last Christmas on one of the e-cig boards, I did a little giveaway for a few people that were in the same Holiday boat as I am. For the past several years I’ve spent the holiday by myself. My family isn’t very well off so they aren’t able to afford much and I’d rather see anything they planned to send me, be sent to my little brother as he can always use the help more than I can. This year is actually going to be especially hard on me as my Grandmother (the lady who raised me) passed away last week and my Grandpa a few years prior around this time, so to help keep me in good spirits, I’m hoping to keep you guys in good spirits, and put a smile on at least one of your faces.

If you are someone that is expected to not receive any gifts this year due to any less than fortunate situations, or if you’re riding out Christmas solo this year then please just post letting me know that you would like your name in the hat. If you’d like to post your story you’re more than welcome to, but it’s not required. Last year I kept this super simple and plan on doing the same this year.

So here is the deal. Just let me know you want your name in the hat and starting today and ending on Sunday December 24th at 8:00 AM PST, I will add your name to a Random Name Picker and pick one name to give $50 of any cryptocurrency that I can pick up on Coinbase or Bittrex. It would obviously be a little more convenient if you stuck with BTC, ETH, or LTC, but it’s your Christmas present so I’ll let you decide what to do with it. I really do wish that I could give more, and to more people, but I am also struggling a bit and just giving what I can to the community to brighten peoples day.

I decided to pick /r/CryptoCurrency this year as I just got my portfolio going with my first deposit of about $100 on December 14th . Without the help of Reddit and the knowledge you guys have provided me, I never would have been able to start a portfolio. So thanks Reddit, for always providing a plethora of information and giving me the gift of future potential earnings <3. Hopefully the $50 I send you starts your 2018 portfolio, or perhaps just boosts your already built portfolio!

Reddit Account age must be older than 6 months (Sorry — Just want to try and limit people with multiple accounts, or creating new accounts for more chances)
Be spending Christmas alone, OR
Not receiving any gifts this year due to less than fortunate circumstances (family can’t afford it, house was burnt down in the recent fires, floods, etc. You guys get the picture with this one, I hope.)
Be sure to be clear about your interest in throwing your name in the hat. I anticipate some people will be here to chat, so please make it as easy as possible for me to pull your name so you don’t get missed.

One thing I cannot plan around are folks who do not fall into one of the above rules trying to toss their name into the hat. Just know that if you throw your name into the hat and you take from someone less fortunate; I wish bad Karma on you for life, as well as wishing your portfolio crashes . . 🙁

I wish everyone happy holidays!

For the winner
I will pick your name on December 24th some time after 8:00 AM PST. I will reach out to you on reddit so you can provide details on the currency of your choice and where I will need to send it. If you do not reply to me by December 25th at 8:00 AM PST I will pick a new name and this will continue each day until someone actually replies back.

SIDE NOTE I have never actually transferred currency to anyone, as I literally just started last week. Bear with me as I might need your assistance on successfully moving the funds to your account.

tl;dr – Sorry, there is no tl;dr. Please make sure that you at least read the rules. Apologies for typos/grammatical errors. It’s 8:30 AM and I haven’t had my coffee.

EDIT 1 /u/phattymcfat has sent me a DM and would like to contribute an additional $50. This means that I will be drawing 2 names. For the second name drawn, I will ask that you send a DM to that Reddit user as I don’t have any personal affiliation with them and I won’t be handling transfer.

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This time next year the top 100 will consist of only billion dollar+ market cap currencies (if the bubble doesn’t pop)

December 17, 2017 /u/mikepixie 0

We are currently in the 3rd wave of crypto. The first wave was BTC and the creation of the first alts. Ripple, Litecoin and Doge. Then there was the first alt coin boom, Black Coin, White coin, Pot Coin, Troll Coin, Dark Coin (Dash). At this point I remember services appearing that would automatically fork the coin of your choice and rename it to whatever you wanted for a small btc fee. Oh yeah Antshares was there too (NEO) The first ICO happened here too.

Then came Ethereum. The mother of the third wave. Vapourware with a solid White Paper written by some skinny dude who’s name always reminds me of the vitamins he probably needs (No offence dude and max respect). If you had the balls to drop a couple of hard earned BTC back then on Eth you would be rich now.

With Ethereum the term ICO has become an acronym that will ring bells for almost anyone. It reminds me a bit of the transition between 🙁 being an ascii smiley you would type on IRC or a BBS on a system connected to the internet at a whopping 36kbs to an emoji being the star of his own freakin movie. At the same time there is technology appearing that will be here long after we die. We are in the 🙁 stage of the emoji you typed to some random person on IRC in 1997.

By April next year the crypto marketcap will be at 1 trillion bucks. Set your remindme bot. If we make it to that point without bursting the front page of CMC will be the 1 billion + club.

Shits gonna burst at some point as it has done before. Right now, enjoy the ride, make sure you have a goal and an exit strategy and be ready for wave 4. Wave 4 is when shit really gets real. The strong survive, the good ideas stand above the bad.

There was once a dude who started making computers in his garage, his name was Woz. There was once a dude who sold books from his garage, his name was Jeff.

There was once a dude who traded crypto from his moms basement, his name was you.

There was once a dude called Elon, he thought up this thing called paypal. He now runs a space company.

Be like Jeff and Woz and Elon. Even if you didn’t think of it, you can invest in the tech you dream of.


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This Week in Bitcoin: Regulators Mount Up as Bitcoin Keeps Bubbling

December 17, 2017 Kai Sedgwick 0

This Week in Bitcoin: Regulators Mount Up as Bitcoin Keeps BubblingWelcome to the latest installment of This Week in Bitcoin stuffed with all the highlights and lowlights from the past seven days. In this edition: Korea, Korea, Korea, and a handful of stories that aren’t about Korea just for some variety. In the past week we’ve also experienced another all time high (what’s new) and […]

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Kik Ditches Ethereum “The Dial-Up” Cryptocurrency

December 17, 2017 Avi Mizrahi 0

Kik Ditches Ethereum "The Dial-Up" CryptocurrencyEthereum is often promoted as the ultimate solution for decentralized apps, with some even claiming that it will be the substrate for developing all software in the future. This grand vision is in conflict with current reality however where ethereum now can’t even hold onto one of its biggest mainstream adopters, Kik. Also Read: Israeli […]

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It doesn’t even matter what coin you pick.

December 17, 2017 /u/the-grinder 0

Because you’re going to make money. And that should be making people nervous. A coin that is complete vapor can go up 10x 20x 100x Coins like cardano created mere months ago have supposed “valuations” greater than $10 billion. If things weren’t making …

Bitcoin is Trading at a 40% Premium in Africa – Here’s Why

December 17, 2017 Kai Sedgwick 0

Bitcoin is Trading at a 40% Premium in Africa – Here’s WhyThis week bitcoin surpassed $19,000 on global exchanges, with the exception of one continent – Africa. Customers of the world’s second largest and second most populous continent were already paying that much per coin back in November. Prices at Africa’s exchange have been 40% higher than the rest of the word for months. Now […]

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Can someone shill me the coins with solid tech which are still under the radar?

December 17, 2017 /u/_tatte_ 0

What the title says. For example, if I’d have knows about IOTA and XRB a couple months back, I would have bought those in large quantities. So, I thought we should have a discussion on this topic since I’m sure many would like to know this.

Also, please only discuss CCs with a working product. It doesn’t need to be fully functional but it should have already shown some results. So, for example, let’s not discuss EOS, Cardano etc for now.

Edit: Just to make is clear – I’m not talking about IOTA and XRB – I’m already on those trains but got in a little late. I want us to talk about something not in the limelight. So maybe, a coin that’s not in top 50.

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