Why is Binance not on Google? Its’s an opportunity for scammers now.

I've tried searching Binance on Google from multiple countries and the homepage is not indexed in search results anywhere. There is support.binance urls available but not Binance.com Homepage.

Their Robots.txt file looks fine. Binance homepage is on AngularJS, probably what could be the reason. I'm not sure. Or, is it Google has deindexed Binance for any reason?

Anyways, Just wanted to bring into notice that scammers can use this opportunity to place fake Binance on Google with ads. Anyone can just place an ad for fakes, like special character Binance domain, and users trying to get to Binance through Google gets trapped.

Do share you thoughts? If its so, we should let Binance know. @Binance #GetBinanceOnGoogle

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