[WARNING] Talking.IM (TIM) Blockchain ICO - Fake Team & Advisors

The amount of buzzwords on their website should be enough to make anyone cautious but that clearly wasn't enough for the people that have, if we're to believe their figures, donated 3K Eth so far and the 4.6K members in telegram group.


Gary, an advisor? That is a stock image purchased (unlikely, they probably just copy-pasta'd it) from here.

Jon Greenwood is also listed as an advisor. First appearance of that image is on this article on GreenVapes - "Flavor Poll – Enter to Win a Curated Flavor Pack of Your Choice!" - way back in July 8, 2017. Beyond that, there's nothing until Feb 4, 2018 when they decide to start creating a fake, blockchain-related profile for him (and Gary) on the cryptocriterion website.

Arsh Kapoor runs a digital marketing gig with nothing linking him to TIM, crypto or just "blockchain tech" for that matter.

Finally, there's Cahill Puil who is or was a blogger for myplanet.com. There's nothing whatsoever on his twitter feed about or linking him to TIM.


Most of the team members are nonexistent beyond the project's website, fxempire.com (and its numerous domains) and coinjinja.com.

Lokesh Kumar is the director of MagicFiserv. Couldn't find anything linking him to TIM.

Rohit Chandan is actually an IT Support guy for GecHeraldry. Him and the "CEO" could actually be the two real people behind this.

I wonder what the SEC will have to say considering the fact that they're registered in the US 🙃.

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