Here's a video of the recent Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investment (Committee on Financial Services) Hearing: “Examining the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets”:

Watching this video was pure sadness to me, with the rare exception of Mr. Emmer's statements. The panel was terrible, and couldn't even answer some of the most basic questions in a direct manner, such as the advantages of cryptocurrencies vs. fiat, that phishing attacks are common in traditional fintech (answer to the problem is to educate the consumer), or the stifling effects of the Bitlicense.

I think we should get together and make a lobbyist group/PAC devoted to crypto. No party line bullshit, just educating congress and fighting for innovative regulations. Regulations are coming, and they will much more likely favor our community if we engage the people making them.

We need someone trusted in the space to lead this, or at least to be the public figurehead. I'm not sure who we should choose, but I think we have plenty of smart, outspoken people that would gladly take up the mantle. From there, I don't know where it goes, which is why I'm posting here; throw out some ideas. Who would you nominate to represent the US crypto community to Congress? Where do we go from there? Lobby or campaign contributions?

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