An All-Inclusive Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

RaidoFinancial is an international fintech network that integrates a set of universal crypto tools to facilitate trading, financial investments, and exchange operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players via a single platform. The platform envisions to offer all market stakeholders with efficient and secure tools for executing all required crypto activities without having to use various platforms. Raido Exchange is one of the 2 MVP products that is developed by the platform. It incorporates effective and reliable technological solutions that encompass functionalities such as automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, use of a multifunctional API of over 50 cryptocurrency tools, high-speed connection channels, universal technical analysis tools, aggregation and distribution of liquidity, an integrated AI trading module, and data encryption. Moreover, Raido Exchange offers an opportunity to list ICO tokens, ranks, vote at all stages of the token sale.

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