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Suppoman has officially earned my stamp of approval as a bona fide scammer, right up there with the likes of Trevon James and Craig Grant, but even more dangerous… and here’s why:

February 23, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

What makes Suppoman even more dangerous than cryptocurrency superstar scammers such as Trevon James and Craig Grant, is that he could scam a bunch of people, and then be forgiven the very next day.

Think of him as the cryptocurrency version of Hillary Clinton. He could lie, cheat, shill, and even kill, and all will be forgiven the next day. His following will even viciously defend him after one of his blatant scams is exposed, which makes him the equivalent of Teflon when it comes to scamming.

Unlike with Trey and Craig, once the mega scam that was BitConnect came toppling down, their scamming days were put to an end. Now they are being sued for everything they got, and don’t even have enough of a following anymore to even muster up a good old fashioned scam on them.

Where as ole Michael Suppoman is still hard at work, scamming thousands of people each day, hence the reason why he is considered to be public scammer number 1 in my eyes, and the cryptocurrency community as a whole should know of this.

Please educate your family and friends on the scam that is Suppoman, and be safe out there mates… there’s always some paid shill out there looking to separate you from your head-earned money.

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The truth about Suppoman…

February 22, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

Alright, since some most of you are noobs around here, I feel it is my duty as the Destroyer of Shitcoins, and the destroyer of those who promote them, to fill you in on a little secret.

When Suppoman shills his shitcoin ICO’s (initial coin offerings) to you, understand that he has already been compensated by the companies, or in some cases, a kid in his moms basement (think Nano), via a non-shitcoin, most likely Bitcoin.

So once Suppoman receives his ill-gotten gains via a Bitcoin deposit, he then proceeds to shill whatever the coin or token he was paid to promote to you all.

He has mind you, absolutely no skin in the game, none at all, and whether or not the ICO he just promoted was a pump and dump, or was “hacked” immediately after, which just happened back to back by the way in a matter of weeks with two of the last ICO’s he promoted (coincidence), please understand that he’s already been paid and doesn’t give a shit about you,

This is after-all, the same guy who made his mark on YouTube by viciously harassing a 17 year old girl that plays Minecraft… a 40 year old man… thin about that for a moment.

In conclusion, Suppoman doesn’t give a shit about you, and will do whatever he can to make money. He has no morals, no ethics, and is the epitome of a paid shill… you’ve been warned.

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The bulls are back baby, and Ethereum is taking over the pairing business on exchanges… it’s about time!

January 28, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

Ethereum is fucking killing it right now, and the fact that Bitfinex has added complete trading pairs with all of its coins and tokens has a lot to do with it, so I really hope all the other exchanges out their start doing the same!

I don’t know about you guys, but I never ever use Bitcoin to do anything, and only use Ethereum or Litecoin when I need to transfer and trade, and I’m pretty sure all of you do as well.

Once they pair Ethereum with everything, it will not only save us time, but money as well, because we won’t have to transform whatever we used to transfer quickly back into Bitcoin, in order to buy what we want… a win win!

Although, I see this as a very bad thing for Bitcoin though, because what would we need it for if or when this happens… time will tell I guess.

Your thoughts?

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The whales are only going to grow more violent this year, so if you can’t stomach the waves… ya best get out the boat!

January 21, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

If you’re one of those Blockfolio junkies, and check your shit every six seconds, I can tell you right now that 2018 is going to be a really rough year for you.

The whales are manipulating the market as much as they possibly can right now, because they know regulations are just around the corner, so you can expect them to bull-trap it along until they come.

With that being said, the best thing you can do, is to find the coins and tokens you love, invest what you can in them, which means no margin trading, and just leave them the fuck alone!

Day trading is a losing mans game, especially in this market with no regulations, shitty exchanges, and $100 transfer and commission fees.

Oh, and one last thing, for the love of Satoshi, please do not take any advice from the paid shills on the front page of this sub-Reddit.

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Listen up folks, if you "did", or still do promote cryptocurrency related scams, you will be called out on it via this sub-Reddit. We don’t care about you, or your ill-gotten gains, we care about the general well-being of our community first and foremost.

January 18, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

So apparently, some of you known scammers are getting a little butt-hurt about being added to our known scammers list, but I got news for you: if you’re on there… I guarantee you that it is justified.

Now, YouTuber Sunny Decree is on the list, but he has stated that it is okay that he is on there, because he did at one time promote BitConnect, and that it is possible that some folks money was still tied up in the platform once it went tits up, but at least he has the balls to accept that, and has been actively warning people to get out for months now.

He has also apologized to anyone who signed up under him, unlike CryptoNick, who says in his latest BitConnect video that it was our fault for listening to him… and maybe he’s right… but if you still watching his shit you’re probably on the spectrum.

Oh, and now I catch wind of some kid named Jeffrey Crypto getting upset, and threatening legal action because he has been added to the scammer list, which can be viewed here by the way:

Sorry there Jeff, but you did this to yourself, and now we have to protect our community from scammers like you. Hell, some of the scammers are so deep into their lies, that they are actually convincing their minions to buy up BitConnect tokens as I type this… I’m talking to you Trevon James and Craig Grant… good job!

Take responsibility for your actions, ask for forgiveness, and own what you did, and move the fuck on, but please understand, that we won’t ever forget what you did here in the Cryptocurrency sub-Reddit.

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CryptoNick is deleting all of his BitConnect videos, and so are his buddies. Please never forget what he and his cohorts did to so many people, and how much money those people lost in the process thanks to CryptoNick, Trevon James, and Craig Grant!

January 17, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

We can’t let these legendary affiliate scammers get away with what they did, and we have to show them all that we are the internet, and that we never forgive, and never forget.

Fuck these guys, and make sure you spread the word around about what they did, and continue to do with other Ponzi’s like cloud mining. Go to their videos, and websites, and spread the warning.

These people don’t get to just conveniently forget what has happened, and expect the rest of us to just forget about it too! Fuck them, and hopefully some more serious actions get taken against them for what they are responsible for, and please do your research before getting involved with any of these shysters too people.

You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your friends as well, and you are not exempt of all blame here either for falling for this shit if you did, so wake the fuck up!

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Beware of bag holders…

January 13, 2018 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

Please be careful boys, and understand that this sub-Reddit is littered to the brim with bag holders, who will stop at absolutely nothing to lighten their loads a bit.

The more and more I watch some of the shit on YouTube, I realize just how many fucksticks are now popping up left and right, and their sole intent is to shill sitcoins they so obviously have a stake in.

Now, even the cleavage streamers are starting to get in on the action, and Satoshi knows how many retarded neck beards they can attract to watch their streams, and sadly… adhere to their advice to boot.

There’s some brain dead chick on YouTube right now, who so obvioulsy has no fucking clue what she is talking about, yet has garnered over 400,000 views on her “Top 5 Coins that will make you Rich in 2018” video. Then we have those 3 fuck-boys that are also jumping into the fray now, and they haven’t the slightest clue as to what is going on.

Then, the cherry on the cake, is ole Tai Lopez, the master scammer himself now shilling cryptocurrencies, so if this fact isn’t enough to worry you, maybe you should do a little more research about em.

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Sorry to say it fellas, but if McAfee promotes it… it’s probably a Shite Coin.

December 26, 2017 /u/DestroyerOfShitcoins 0

I know a lot of you on here hang on McAfee nuts, and jump into what ever he mentions, but let’s be real here… the guys a fucking idiot.

He doesn’t give a shit about cryptocurrency, and as a matter of fact, time after time, hes says whatever Bitcoin he does mine, he sells it right away for fiat… does this sound like a true believer to you.

The man does everything he does for himself, he single-handedly created one of the biggest malware pieces of ( McAfee Anti-virus) software ever, and has made bold bet predictions in the past, that he has simply shrugged off when they don’t come to fruition.

Is this really someone you want to be taking advice from?

John McAfee truly is… The King of Shitcoins!

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