Re: Bill Gates comment on cryptos & drug deaths. The rise in US drug deaths isn’t caused by cryptocurrency. It’s caused by government & physical cash.

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Singapore has embraced cryptocurrency, and crypto exchanges. Yet, in rankings of 200 countries around the world, Singapore is still at the bottom in terms of drug usage & drug overdose deaths.

The link between cryptocurrency usage & drug overdose deaths is weak.

In the past 15 years, there has been a rise in USA drug overdose deaths. But it wasn’t driven by cryptocurrency.

It was driven by government-approved Oxycontin, government-approved doctors, government-approved pharmacies, and people holding bags of government-printed dollars, lined up outside government-approved pill mills, all in plain sight, which fueled widespread opioid addiction.

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PR: Education Ecosystem Announces Token Exchange Listings and Chance to Win Three Tesla Model S Cars

February 28, 2018 PR 0

LiveEdu - Education EcosystemEducation Ecosystem (LiveEdu has announced that their Education token will be issued to crowdsale contributors and also listed on exchanges this week.

CEO, Dr. Michael J. Garbade has this to say, “As ICO contributors know, due to legal restrictions we could not start work with centralized exchange listings until our ICO Round I was closed. This issue slowed us down but we have made progress with the help of our advisors. We have already closed deals with three exchanges where Education tokens will be listed, namely Bibox, and Exchange 3. Exchange 3 will announce the listing themselves due to their policy. Our goal after these three listings is to get listed on two Tier 1 exchanges with whom we are currently in discussion. All of these exchanges will list Education tokens with ETH and BTC pairs.”

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We’re Amanda B. Johnson and Michael Scott, each employed as a cryptocurrency media freelancer since 2014. We’re launching a weekly talk show called "Just Around the Block" on YouTube this Tuesday, March 6. Ask Us Anything!

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Michael Scott (/u/LibertarianBrotha) is a former healthcare executive and first learned about the world of crypto in 2013 from a growing community of enthusiasts in Denver. Michael’s work as a writer has been featured in Bitcoin Magazine, Nasdaq, BTCManager, and Michael is also a member and contributor at the Toronto Canada-based Blockchain Research Institute, a research body exploring strategic opportunities in blockchain technology.

Amanda B. Johnson first learned about cryptocurrency in 2013. She left her PR ghost writing job for a writing gig at Bitcoin Magazine in 2014 because crypto had inspired her to become un-banked and she needed a new way to get paid. She’s creator and host of the popular YouTube series “The Daily Decrypt” and “DASH: Detailed”. From 2016 to 2017, she was employed by DASH’s masternodes to do outreach, effectively making her the world’s first freelancer to be employed by a DAO.

“Just Around the Block” will explore what’s ahead in the crypto space and premieres this Tuesday, March 6 on this YouTube channel.

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Lawyers Discuss Challenges Posed by Cryptocurrencies During Divorce

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Lawyers Discuss Challenges Posed by Cryptocurrencies During DivorceSeveral lawyers have discussed some of the challenges that arise from cryptocurrency ownership during divorce. The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies creates the possibility for spouses to accumulate wealth that is concealed from their partner. However, this often can lead to parties searching for “pots of gold” that don’t exist. Also Read: Israeli Supreme Court Forbids Bank […]

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